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5 Ways Our Quote Tool Works for Advisers

At Asteron Life, we work hard to help make life easier for you and your clients. While you may be aware that we have a quote tool—you may not know just how quick and easy it is to model a range of insurance solutions to suit your clients’ individual needs.

From setting up ownership and commission structures to stepped premiums and optional product features – our quote tool makes it easy to navigate a wide range of insurance options. Plus, the tool can streamline the advice process conveniently reducing time spent on paperwork.

Here’s how you can get more out of Asteron Life’s quote tool.

1) Flexible premium projections

Want to calculate premium projections over the long term? It’s easy with our quote tool. Simply key in your clients’ cover type and lifestyle to see premium projections for up to 30 years.

2) Mixed premiums are easy

Make light work out of comparing ‘Stepped’ premiums versus ‘Level’ premiums (or a combination of the two) with our easy-to-read graph. In an instant, you can see which combination of the two provides the best outcome for your clients.

3) Tailor your commission payments

We can tailor our commission payments to suit your needs. Select from three commission types including Customised (0%-77%*), Renewal (0%-22%) and Wholesale options. Simply select your preferred option and the tool automatically calculates the payment plus any applicable product discounts. For instance, it calculates the Wholesale option with a built in premium discount of 24.6%* as well as the additional 15% for new Asteron Life customers in the first year.

4) Display Split Income Protection (IP)

Use the quote tool to see how splitting income protection cover – inside and outside of super impacts premiums over time. It’s another way product flexibility and technology are working together to help you get the best insurance solution for your client.

5) Identify cost savings

The quote tool identifies discounts and savings for your client on the spot making it easier for you to discuss the cost of insurance and highlight any savings.

Our quote tool has been designed to support and help advisers get more value and opportunity from Asteron Life. Interested to learn more? Chat with your Asteron Life BDM on 1800 739 641.

*Based on Commission Structures for 2019, effective from 1 January 2019.

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