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Life insurance that rewards a healthy life

At Asteron, we recognise that everyone is different. So if you look after yourself, eat well, exercise and are less likely to make a claim for a preventable disease, we believe you should be rewarded.

The Asteron Healthy Plus Option offers a way for people who are a lower insurance ‘risk’ to be rewarded with an immediate premium reduction, if they satisfy a set of health and lifestyle criteria.  And the savings are substantial! A full 20% off your Life Cover premium through Asteron Lifeguard. That’s a healthy price advantage compared to the market.

An immediate and enduring discount

Once you apply and qualify for the Healthy Plus Option, you receive the 20% discount straight away. You then have the opportunity every year to retain the 20% discount by taking the same set of tests.

Even if you choose not to re-take the tests, your 20% discount will only reduce by 1% each year. Once you reach 10% (after 10 years) we will guarantee a 10% discount for the life of your policy.

If at any time (up to age 55) you decide you want to reapply for the full discount and you still meet the qualification criteria, your discount will instantly be re-instated to 20% again.

Both new applicants and existing Lifeguard policyholders may apply for the Healthy Plus Option, as long as their Life Cover is at least $250,000.

More information

Click here  for more information on the Asteron Life! program. To find out more on the Healthy Plus Option or whether you qualify, speak to your financial adviser or call us on 1800 221 727 to be put in touch with one.

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