The 10 best apps to help you find balance

Quick downloads to make life a little lighter.

In a world overflowing with technology and an ever busier pace of life, it can be difficult to find a harmonious balance in life. Technology can help to give you back that balance if you use it to your advantage. Why not try out some of these apps and see if they help you to restore a bit of balance in your life?
My Fitness Pal - $FREE
This app is highly rated and has rave reviews from people who love its ease of use and ability to help you make big life changes. It helps you track your food and exercise and monitor the relationship between the two to help you lose, maintain or gain weight depending on your goals. Your progress is tracked and the app even pairs with your fitbit or similar device.
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – 99c – Android, $1.29 – Apple
Sleep Cycle will analyse your sleep and only wake you when you are in your lightest sleep phase, making for a gentle, natural wake up that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. You can track you sleep quality over time and keep notes on events of sickness or stress and see how they are affecting your sleep.
Evernote - $FREE
Make to do lists, write notes, set reminders, record ideas and share them. With the ability to record audio and take photos directly in the app, you can take note and record anything you see or hear that you want to remember or that inspires you. Keep organised, never forget anything and never miss the opportunity to take note ofsomething you experience.
Fitness Buddy - $FREE
The ultimate exercise app with 1700+ exercises in the paid version and 300+ in the free version. Focus on areas you want to improve, follow planned exercise routines to make the most of your workout and learn about your body in the process. With full diagrams of the musculoskeletal system and categorised exercises to workout different parts of the body, you can become an expert in not only what to do but why. With a focus on proper technique and great tools to track your progress this app will have you fighting fit in no time
Schedule Planner - $FREE
Track your days, tasks and appointments including things that must be done and those things you would like to do. Track your productivity and see how many of your planned tasks are actually being achieved and assess the productivity of your time. Store passwords and set reminders to always stay organised.
Better Than Budgeting - $FREE
Plan your budgets, track your spending and keep an eye on your savings. The most powerful tool for a successful budget is to know where your money is going and this app will help you do that in a user friendly app. 
Smiling Mind -$FREE
Smiling mind is meditation for everyone in the family made easy. With programs for children, teenagers and adults, short programs for when you just need a quick chance to relax and longer ones for when you have more time. Great for everyone and every situation.
Entertainment Book - $FREE (app is free entertainment membership is not.)
Once just a book, now also a great app. This fundraising venture attracts some of the best hotels, attractions and restaurants Australia wide. A once off membership fee gets you access to $1000’s worth of discounts on great activities to suit the whole family. Don’t pay full price for family fun, fine dining or holidays anymore!
The Wonder Weeks -$2.28 Android, $2.49 Apple
If you have a baby in your house, balance may be a struggle for you. Every time you think your little one has a routine it changes again and you are often left guessing as to why it’s happening or how to deal with it. The Wonder Weeks app explores the relationship between a babies developmental leaps and the disruptions and changes in sleep patterns and behaviour that happen. It will not get you more sleep but it will help your sanity!
QR Code Reader - $FREE
Have you seen those little barcode like pictures on advertising that tell you to scan them with your phone? This reader will enable you to scan these codes and access the information. Great for when you spot something you want to know more about, simply scan and access all the info on the advertiser’s website.
Please note: a lot of these apps require in app purchases for upgrades etc, it may only be the initial download and a basic version of the app that is free.

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