Smart ways to save

Sometimes it seems the older we get, the more demands on our wallets! Here’s how to possibly save on insurance – so you can spend more on enjoying life.

Healthy lifestyle, healthy savings

Are you aged 29-49 and paying your Life Cover premiums on a stepped basis? If you meet some health and lifestyle criteria, you could be eligible for up to 20% discount on your premiums under our Healthy Plus Option.*

Or, if your health has improved recently, check any-health related loadings on your policy to see if your premiums could be reassessed.

Non-smoker? Become a big saver

Have you quit smoking recently? If you’ve been smoke-free for over a year, you could receive a reduction on your premium.

Pay annually and save

Sometimes saving is even simpler than we thought. Switch to paying your premium yearly and you could save 5-6% per year.

Premium-free Child Cover

To help you save money and worries, through Asteron Life Complete you’re able to apply for up to $10,000^ of premium-free Child Cover.

Speak to your Financial Adviser or Asteron Life to see how you may be able to save.

*Only available on Asteron Life Complete and Lifeguard Life Cover. Additional eligibility and application requirements apply for the Healthy Plus Option. Please contact your Financial Adviser and refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

^Child Cover is available on certain Asteron Life Complete, Lifeguard and Royal Sun Alliance products. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for terms, conditions and availability.