Celebrate life and get ready for summer

Get up, outside and ready for summer with these fun activities

When we were kids, we didn’t care what we looked like in our bathers, only how big our sandcastles were and how long we could hold our breath underwater. As adults, we can feel pressure to get toned for summer. What if instead of worrying as much about what we look like, we could take on a regimen that prepares us for the good parts of summer instead? The parts like keeping up with the kids or dogs at the park, or smashing a backyard cricket six and climbing the fence into t he neighbours’ place to get it?

Tired of being told to lock ourselves inside sweaty gyms, we talked to personal trainer Kris Baychek. He had some fresh ideas for ways you can get out of the gym and get fit for summer the fun way.

Beach babes
“Just by stringing together a number of classic beach activities such as piggyback races, beach soccer, the good ol’ wheelbarrow race and some swimming, you can get an amazing workout while hanging out down at the beach,” Kris says. The sand absorbs almost all of the impact, reducing stress on your joints and lowering the risk of injury. You’ll also burn a lot more calories working out in soft sand.

Park it
“Playing in the park or even your backyard is another way of engaging in fun activities that will have you reaping all sorts of anaerobic and aerobic benefits,” says Chris. Frisbee, soccer, baseball and
touch football are all games with little impact on the wallet, but which can get the whole family active and engaged.

Paddle power
According to kris, a day kayaking or canoeing is also another sneaky way of getting fit. “You engage the muscles in your body by paddling, and at the same time you get to sightsee.” It’s a great way to tone muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness at the same time.

Le tour de neighbourhood
“Cycling is a fantastic bonding experience that produces amazing toning benefits for the legs and aerobic conditioning,” explains Kris. You don’t have to be Cadel evans to attain the benefits, just cruising along will start your metabolic engine and you’ll become stronger and fitter as you explore further.
Cut the rug
During social occasions, putting on some upbeat music and having a boogie will get the heart pumping and work off some excess calories. “Dancing engages core stabilizers and you’ll get a fantastic cardio workout without you even noticing, provided you’re enjoying the tunes!" says Kris.

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