Regular exercise. It’s easier than you think.

It's time to kick start your exercise routine.

There is a long list of benefits of exercise. Benefits include weight control, combating lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, improved mood and energy, better sex and sleep, reduced stress, anxiety and improved mental wellbeing, sharper brain power, and the list goes on.

It is undoubtable that regular exercise produces happier, more productive, energetic individuals. But there are a lot of people who moan about training.

Training is never easy, we all know training can be uncomfortable and really hard especially when we start out. But like anything you get better at doing it especially if you train regularly. Training is still challenging and difficult but not as draining.

What you have to remembers is training hurts the same whether your fit or not – but as you get fitter your capacity for pain increases. This may sound horrible, but you have to understand that as a society we have become very comfortable with being comfortable and any discomfort we tend to move away from.

However it is exactly the reason we should try to find these domains of pain and hurt. And I’m not talking injuring yourself. If you experience sharp pain when you train it’s likely you are doing the exercise wrong. I mean the discomfort you get when you train hard, breath heavy and move fast.

You will only every get better fitness if you push yourself into those uncomfortable places. You learn to deal with it better and you become a better, fitter person. You improve not only your physical capacity to get better but you are mentally more able as well to deal with hardship because you have pushed yourself to those hard places in workouts.

So how can exercise become easier? Well physically it might not, especially if you always push yourself but incorporating training into your daily routine is certainly one way to help you build your fitness.

1.Make a schedule

If you haven’t decided to create a schedule around when you train you should. Remember you don’t plan to fail but your fail to plan. Make sure you have set times during the week for you to train and build your training into your schedule. You have to make training a priority in you life with a no excuses attitude. It’s just how you roll and there is no other option. You are going to train.

Otherwise it is likely excuses will get the better of you and every time you train is going to be like starting over as there is no consistency in your fitness. Consistency, persistence and hard work see results. So make sure you set up your schedule today!

2.Find a training methodology you like

Find a gym or trainer that you get. You enjoy training how they train and they can constantly challenge and teach you new exercises. Keep it varied and keep it interesting!

To start with you might like to try different gym, or clubs to see what’s out there. I would encourage you to not just show up and train, but to learn and grow in your fitness so you and continually bettering yourself. This makes training a journey and helps keep you interested.

3.Use group training as a motivator

Training in a group creates a sense of comradery, which is hard to come by. You all sweat together, learn together, struggle together and PR together. It makes training so much easier to have people there to help you and push you through!

Remember when it comes to fitness you only get out what you put in so you can’t be lazy and see results. You have to put in the time and effort to improve yourself. In a world where convenience is king, put in hard work and see the difference it makes to your life. I hope you will be inspired and surprised!

Elle Welsman

Elle owns Sydney's first women's CrossFit gym, CrossFit Tone in Brookvale. She has a passion for helping women realise how fit and healthy they can be through strength and high intensity training. Having a keen interest in positive body image, Elle pushes women to be self confident through her training systems. Click here to learn more about Elle Welsman and her outlook and approach!