50 Ways to uncomplicate your life

Stay At Home Mum shares tips for a simpler, happier existence

We all have loads on. We wear many hats...we may be parents, all the while being someone’s partner, sibling or child too and having our own lives outside of home with friends and work. 

It is easy for life to become very complicated.  

So how do you even start to slow down? Check out our list of 50 ways you could start un-complicating life today and be inspired!

1. Don’t keep secrets from your partner

2. Don’t try to read other people’s minds

3. You know that elephant in the room – address it, don’t ignore it

4. Get to know your financial situation

5. Know who your real friends are

6. Spend less than you earn

7. Ring your parents regularly to keep in touch 

8. Do something nice for someone else every day without asking for anything in return

9. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier

10. Address that funny noise your car is making before it turns into a bigger issue

11. Donate stuff you don’t need – do a clean out every few weeks

12. Don’t waste food 

13. Take the time to cook from scratch

14. Try and understand a problem from all angles, not just your point of view

15. Stand up for someone when you hear gossip. Don’t take part in it

16. Address your anxieties and find out what’s causing them and how you can fix it

17. Take the time to know your neighbours – you never know when you may need them

18. Take a few minutes every day just to listen to each and every family member individually Let them get their day off their chest

19. Save money every week, no matter how small

20. Before getting angry, ask yourself if it will really matter in 20 years

21. Focus on being a good person, not on pleasing others

22. Stay home this weekend, and finish off that nagging chore that you need to finish

23. Kiss and make up

24. Menu plan and buy only what you need when shopping

25. Pay your bills on time

26. For just one day, imagine everyone’s intentions are good

27. Give away clothes that haven’t been worn in two years

28. Tell the truth

29. Don’t cheat

30. Don’t steal

31. If you’re holding on to a ridiculous grudge, let it go

32. Clean your house weekly, so that it doesn’t become too large a chore

33. Be yourself

34. Say no unapologetically

35. Cook simple meals

36. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses

37. Spend your time with nice people

38. Avoid drama

39. Don’t text or talk on the phone while driving

40. Refuse to gossip, or talk behind other people’s backs

41. Do the dishes right after dinner

42. Never go to sleep angry

43. Ask nicely for what you need and want

44. Leave work at work

45. Don’t befriend anyone that isn’t trustworthy

46. Don’t envy others

47. Return emails and phone messages promptly

48. Schedule in free time

49. Slow down

50. Forgive and forget. 

Jody Allen - Stay At Home Mum

Hi everyone! My name is Jody Allen and I am the founder of Stay At Home Mum. I started Stay at Home Mum so I could share all the tips and hints on living simply. I really wanted to make ‘being frugal’ – cool. Stay at Home Mum is an Australia’s largest online mother’s group, providing a non-judgemental platform to relate our inner most thoughts.