Six steps to help you live the life you deserve

Introducing the Wheel of Balance, a self coaching tool designed to help instil more 'balance' into your life.

The Wheel of Balance is a self-coaching tool that has been developed specifically for anyone who finds themselves wondering how to instil more ‘balance’ into their life. 
Most people experience success, happiness and fulfilment in some part of life, in one form or another. Whether it is in relationships, health, their career or business or perhaps just in the way they express themselves creatively.

There are many people who combine these successful areas and weave magical, contented lives for themselves and their families. They deal with life's uncertainty and obstacles in their stride as they have learnt that when they spend the majority of their time working, playing and living on their terms they feel more balanced and more in control of their destiny; rather than at the mercy of the world.

Life is a crazy balancing act, filled with an equal amount of certainty and uncertainty. People who are truly successful at this game accept the uncertainty and are equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them. Defining the different areas of our lives and looking at each of them is a way we can pull our heads out of the sand and stop wondering why things aren’t working out for us as we had hoped.

Why do so many people feel discontent, unhappiness and look for answers in destructive ways when it seems they have everything going for them?

Why are so many of the most blessedly talented people throughout history so desperately unhappy despite seemingly ‘having everything’? So unhappy we keep losing them much too soon to substance abuse and suicide (Amy Winehouse, Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman etc.)? These people are blessed with any combination of loving families, money, opportunity, education, adulation, and talent, endless travel, worldwide success…

What drives them to such destruction and despair?

And then on the other hand how can people from seemingly impossible situations rise up and lead inspiring, fulfilling lives, changing others along the way (Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela etc.)?

The answer is in their psychology. Happy, successful people have a certain way of thinking, they understand what’s important in their lives, what makes them feel a certain way, what fills them up with gratitude, love, peace and calm and then they go about fulfilling these basic human needs by growing and contributing to the greater society.

The Wheel of Balance is a guide only. It’s a tool to bring your whole life under the spotlight, into focus and from here its up to you to decide what needs your attention most…

Step 1
Go to the Wheel of Balance page. 
Step 2
Take the test, by rating the different categories of your life from zero to ten using the interactive sliding scale on the left of the wheel itself.
Step 3
Based on your results, a series of blog content will be recommended to you with the opportunity to send these results to your email, to help you benchmark future progress. Spend some time reading the suggested blogs. 
Step 4
Try to incorperate some of the tips suggested in the blogs into the areas of your life that appeared to be needing a bit more attention. Choose a couple of areas of your life that you feel need some TLC and start scheduling some time to start feeling good in these areas. Pull out your calendar, your phone, desk planner, whatever it is you do to keep organised and dedicate time to these activities.
Step 5
Realise that when you consciously spend more time doing the simple things in life that make you feel good, even if they are for 10 or 20 minutes in your day, your life will start to re-balance itself. If you are already experiencing life at an outstanding level, then believe me this will enhance it even more.
What do you need to feel in order to give you the energy, motivation and drive to live the life you have always dreamt of? The life you deserve?
There’s no reason why you can’t start living it...starting right now, with the Wheel of Balance. 

Tenar Larsen Roberts

Tenar Larsen Roberts is the Founder & Director of The Lifestylers Co.

The Lifestylers Co (TLC) provides Health and Lifestyle consulting services for companies and individuals across Sydney.TLC is a community of people, brands & products that enable their clients to lead happier, healthier lives with less stress and more time to do good things!
Tenar is a certified Life Coach, a recognised Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition & holds a Master Trainer Qualification from the Australian Institute of Fitness. Tenar combines her training in the areas of food, movement and mindset to deliver truly holistic, outcome-based solutions.
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