Warming winter breakfasts worth getting out of bed for

Recipes to help you get the day started, without the excess kilos.

The benefits of eating a healthy breakfast every morning are bountiful and well known, but cold winter mornings can often make us hit the snooze button in favour of making time for breakfast. So we have put together some quick and easy ideas to make breakfast worth getting up for!  

Power packed porridge

Eating a bowl of soul-warming porridge for breakfast is a no brainer in winter, and one made with oats is a good way to start your day. Oats have a low glycaemic index and are high in fibre, which will help keep you full throughout the morning. To pack your porridge with more healthy goodness, make it with milk to increase the protein and calcium you are getting, and boost antioxidants by adding berries, cinnamon and healthy fats from flaked almonds or chia seeds.. If you are looking to add a naturally sweet, caramel-like flavour without adding sugar, try adding 1-2 chopped dates before cooking and watch them break down and release their goodness.
Breakfast burrito

Quick, filling and nutrient packed, a breakfast style ‘burrito’ or wrap can be ready in five minutes. All you need are a couple of scrambled eggs and some spinach and mushrooms which have been sautéed in a frypan until soft. Combine all of these and wrap it all up in a wholegrain flat bread. If you like your bacon, and if you want to add an extra-protein kick, choose lean round bacon trimmed of any visible fat. You can also add healthy monounsaturated fat by spreading avocado on the wrap.

Baked eggs

Baked eggs can be such a yummy treat on a cold morning. Making these are as simple as cracking 1-2 eggs into a small dish or ramekin filled with tomato salsa, baby spinach and mushrooms and baking for 10 minutes or until the eggs are set and cooked to your liking.  To save yourself some extra time, the ramekins can be prepared and refrigerated a few days in advance, so all you have to do is crack the eggs in at the last moment and bake away while you’re getting ready in the morning.

Smashed avocado with basil and tomato on toast

Simplicity at its best! This toast is super quick to make and very tasty --- avocado, basil and tomato are a flavour combination made in heaven. Try a squeeze of lemon juice on top for an added flavour punch. Avocados are in season around this time of year, so getting your hands on this tasty fruit shouldn’t be too hard. Add a poached egg or some smoked salmon for additional protein.

Tasty toasties

There is nothing wrong with a simple ham and cheese wholegrain toastie for breakfast. However, there are other combinations you can try. Why not mix things up, and try something a little different:

  • Sliced banana, ricotta and cinnamon
  • Spinach, mushroom, cheese and chutney
  • Baked beans and cottage cheese

For a quick time-saver, make the sandwich the night before and pop in the fridge to be toasted in the morning

Scrambled eggs with a difference

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrients, containing 11 essential vitamins and nutrients and packed with protein. Scrambled eggs don’t need added cream or milk to come together perfectly. Just spray a frypan with oil and get scrambling, or experiment using the microwave (great for work). To keep things interesting try adding pesto, basil, chives, feta, ricotta or smoked salmon while cooking.

Bircher muesli

This might just be our all-time favourite breakfast! Bircher muesli is so simple to prepare and tastes divine. Best of all, you can make a batch in advance and keep it in the fridge for a few days. For a wholesome breakfast on the run, you can fill small containers and take them to work for breakfast or a wholefood snack. The recipe below can easily be adjusted if you would like to make a bigger batch.

Ingredients – Serves 2

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 green apple grated (leave skin on)
  • 200ml plain yoghurt
  • Juice of 1 orange
  • 2 tablespoons chopped dried fruit
  • 1 tablespoon of flaked almonds or seeds
  • Cinnamon to taste


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and allow to soak overnight in the fridge (or for at least 1 hour). Add a little extra milk or water if the oats have become a bit dry. Serve topped with sliced strawberries or banana if desired.

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