John Quinn

Asteron Life customer John Quinn is no stranger to facing challenges head on. During his career as a decorated sport scientist and current talent manager at GWS Giants, his focus on health and development was usually on the athlete, rather than himself. But all that was about to change.

John Quinn has been coaching and advising high-performance athletes and health conscious and motivated people for more than 35 years. His vast experience includes being an Olympic Team Coach for track and field for the Australian Team at the 2000 Olympic Games, working with the Australian Socceroos (most prominently during their tours to Kuwait and Bahrain), touring the subcontinent with the Indian Cricket League, being an advisor to the Australian Olympic Bobsled team and a personal coach to numerous Australian and overseas athletes across a number of sports.

"We all think 'no, I'll be right' but you've got to take a step back and listen to yourself, listen to your own body and listen to other people talking to you."

Within Australia, John was employed by the Australian Institute of Sport where he specialised in track and field, and also held prominent positions in the Australian Football League where he was influential in steering the Essendon Football Club to success in the 2000 premiership season. Other successes have included a number of Australian team records for relays, along with tours to Europe with the Australian AFL team for the International Rules Series.

But what happens when a man whose career has been spent helping others to excel is faced with his own, potentially life-shattering challenge to overcome? Watch the videos to find out more about John's story.

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