Katie Paton

Katie was born in Brisbane in 1982. The eldest of three children, she grew up in an entrepreneurial household, with great role models for parents. Katie completed a Bachelor and Master's degree in Education before opening the family's first education and care facility in Toowoomba in 2010. Following her successes in the field of early childhood, Katie also lectures part time at the University of Southern Queensland.

Aside from her interest in education, Katie and her husband Jeremy own a successful plumbing business. They are exceptionally proud of the loyalty and commitment of their employees, which is a true reflection of the style they adopt in running their business operations.

"There are elements of my old world that I won't be able to get back to, but I'm working really hard at a 'new normal'."

In their down-time, Katie, Jeremy and daughter Zara enjoy an adventurous lifestyle. Their hobbies include horse riding, Motocross and endurance motorbike riding, and water-skiing. Their upbringing and experiences have taught them to value time with friends and family above all else, and to be thankful for every minute they have together.

But for someone who was so active in every area of her life, Katie was abruptly forced to confront a devastating event that threatened to put at risk the very lifestyle that she and her family had worked so hard to enjoy. Watch Katie's story to find out what happened next.

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