Ryley Batt

Four-time Paralympian, Order of Australia Medal recipient, husband, son, and family man. Ryley Batt's journey is both an inspirational and a lesson. His story encapsulates the Australian 'never say die' attitude and as well as his unconditional love for family.

Ryley Douglas Batt was born on 22 May 1989 with a limb deficiency, which left him with no legs and only a few fingers on each hand. But from an early age, he has never let this stop him in life.

"Now, being a family man, I've learnt that it is absolutely crucial to be prepared. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, and you want to be prepared for that."

As a child Ryley thought wheelchairs were for disabled people, and not for him. He scooted around with his friends on a skateboard until age 11 when a wheelchair rugby demonstration at school finally convinced him to use a wheelchair. He hasn't looked back since. By 12 he was in the NSW Wheelchair Rugby Team, and by 13 in the Australian National Team. At the Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004, Ryley became the youngest ever wheelchair rugby Paralympian at just 15.

Off the court, Ryley has begun to forge a career as an in-demand public and motivational speaker, inspiring such diverse audiences as attendees at leadership, business and economic conferences and youth summits. An adrenaline junkie, Ryley Batt's life motto is: Anything's possible.

How has Ryley been able to move beyond his physical limitations to achieve such significant sporting success on the world stage? Watch the videos to find out more.

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