Meet Merseini

Mereseini Marshall, Case Manager

What are you passionate about, outside of work? I like to be active, from walks through national parks to boxing with my partner. All types of activity helps me ensure I have a good work life balance.

Why do you enjoy working for Asteron Life? I enjoy helping and supporting other people, and knowing that we can make a real difference in people's lives. Also, Asteron Life has an encouraging culture in developing their staff to achieve their career goals within both Asteron Life and the broader Suncorp group.

"Ultimately what makes my job rewarding is to know that they feel they're in good hands."

What is your PROUDEST moment working for Asteron Life? Being part of a charitable company! When I hear that Asteron Life is contributing something positive to the community it makes me feel immensely proud, like they not only care about their staff but they also care about the greater good. It's so encouraging.

Dealing with customers each and every day, what have you learnt about people? What have you learnt about life? It's hard in our line of business. We deal with all types of customers and each individual is going through their own troubles and each of them handles their issues differently. I empathise with them by putting myself in their shoes. I listen and try to ensure their experience with us is a smooth and easy one. Ultimately what makes my job rewarding is to know that they feel they're in good hands.

What is the most important quality that a customer-facing insurance professional such as yourself can have? Strong customer service and delivery; and empathy. We're in a process-driven environment so it's important to be human at all times.

Why is it important for customers that we work hand in hand with our adviser partners? Insurance can be a daunting process, and our customers need someone available to explain what product is suitable for them. The cost of living is not what it used to be, so I completely understand why customers need peace of mind that they're getting the best product in the market.

Tell us about an example where this has worked smoothly? A customer of ours hadn't contacted his adviser for years so when he called us to talk about his claim he had many questions but found it a bit overwhelming. I suggested he contact his adviser to discuss the product with them and how they could guide him through the process. I looked up the contact details for his adviser and gave him the phone number and he understood that talking to his adviser would be the best first step.

What impact on customers' lives do you feel we have? We have a huge impact. Their livelihood may have changed and we have a responsibility to ensure that we are sensitive towards their needs.


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