Meet Tiet

Tiet Chiem, Injury Management Advisor

What are you passionate about, outside of work? My family. I love seeing my daughters learn new things and the delight on their faces when they master a new skill.

Why do you enjoy working for Asteron Life? I have been fortunate with my time at Asteron Life to have team leaders who value and encourage new ideas and foster innovation.

"We try really hard to make things as easy for [our customers] as possible."

What is your PROUDEST moment working for Asteron Life? I am very interested in exploring wellbeing at Asteron Life: essentially understanding what makes people happy at work and what motivates them. I performed staff interviews with people from the claims department and delivered a report to the leadership team on the drivers of motivation from the perspective of the employees. Ultimately, the better our team can perform, the better we can help our customers – which, after all, is why we come to work every day.

Dealing with customers each and every day, what have you learnt about people? What have you learnt about life? When we are dealing with customers who are in a vulnerable position either health-wise or financially, the smallest act of kindness can brighten their day and give them hope that things can get better. We try really hard to make things as easy for them as possible.

What is the most important quality that a customer-facing insurance professional such as yourself can have? The ability to empathise and the ability to translate insurance jargon into layman's terms.

Why is it important for customers that we work hand in hand with our adviser partners? Advisers understand the claims system and know their clients – so they can often smooth the way for a client and help them understand exactly what to expect during the claim process.

What impact on customers' lives do you feel we have? I think that people don't fully appreciate how difficult it can be for someone to navigate a complex medical system whilst at the same time having to deal with the physical/psychological impact of their condition. We are in a position to make it easier for our customers by giving them access to allied health professionals who can help them make sense of their condition and the system.


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