The years of living smarter

In our forties, we’re older and wiser… but are we actually safer?

Looking at photos of yourself as a teenager, one thing you might think (apart from “I can’t believe I wore that”) is, “Wow, I did a lot of stupid things back then.”

Whether you crammed eight people in your car, or partied all night and walked home in the dark, those teenage years are a time of dangerous experimentation – and we’re not just talking hairstyles.

But that was years ago. If you’ve reached your forties you’re probably no longer tempted to do things like jump off your roof into the pool, so it seems logical that you must be safer than you were in your teens and early twenties.

Actually, the statistics show that your forties are some of the most dangerous years of your life – at least when it comes to your health.

Although serious illness can happen at any time in your life, more insurance claims are made by people in their forties than by any other age group.1 While only 5% of all Asteron Life trauma claims (which are made in the case of serious illness or injury) come from thirty-somethings, a massive 68% are made by people in their forties.1 That’s a big jump, and has some people calling the forties the ‘danger decade’.