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Healthy Lifestyle Discounts

Healthy Life Option (HLO) – Healthy Plus Option (HPO) – Multi-App Discount

At Asteron Life, we believe insurance should do more than just help clients at claim time – it should also be affordable.

That’s why our Healthy Lifestyle Discounts are making a difference by offering eligible clients the opportunity to save on the costs of their insurance premiums.

Rewarding healthy living with savings of up to 25%*

Our Healthy Lifestyle Discounts apply to clients that meet key eligibility criteria, which includes:

  • Entry age
    • HLO - 30 to 55 (age next birthday)
    • HPO - 30 to 50 (age next birthday)
  • Body mass index (BMI) ≤ 28
  • Non-smoker for at least 5 years

If Income Protection or Business Expenses Cover is bundled with a Lump Sum Cover, your client can also gain our 5% Multi-App Discount on top of the savings they receive from either HLO and/or HPO. This means your client could benefit from:

  • Up to 25% worth of discounts on Life Cover
  • Up to 15% worth of discounts on TPD cover, and/or
  • 5% discount on Trauma

We’ve streamlined the application process to make it easier for you to apply the Healthy Lifestyle Discounts and see exactly what each benefit entails. Our system helps save valuable time so you can focus on continuing to provide the best advice for your clients.

*25% savings relates to a client applying for and issued a Life and Income Protection or Business Expense cover with our 20% Healthy Plus Option savings and 5% Multi-App Discount.  Discount is applied before stamp duty and policy fees.

Healthy Life Option (HLO)

Our Healthy Life Option provides eligible clients on stepped premiums the opportunity to reduce premiums by 10% off their Life Cover and/or new TPD Cover**. If your client meets all criteria, they will automatically receive their discount for the life of the policy with no additional assessments required.

**The 10% HLO TPD Discount is not available for customers who applied for and issued cover on/or before 9 April 2017. In addition, to be eligible the policies for Life and/or TPD Cover need to be offered at standard rates without any loadings or exclusions.

Healthy Plus Option (HPO)

Clients who take a QuickCheck, MBA blood test and lifestyle questionnaire may be eligible for 20% off their Life Cover under our Healthy Plus Option. This offer can provide substantial savings, and is enduring when your client completes a yearly QuickCheck and MBA blood test.

If your client chooses not to supply annual health checks, their discount will reduce by 1% annually (to a guaranteed minimum of 10% for the life of the policy). Clients can reapply for the full discount anytime up to the age of 55.

Multi-App Discount

Our Multi-App Discount offers a further 5% off premium costs if Income Protection or Business Expenses Cover is bundled with at least one Lump Sum cover.

Making insurance more affordable

Our healthy lifestyle discounts reward eligible clients with reduced premiums so they can enjoy all the benefits a healthy lifestyle has to offer.

When our Multi-App Discount is applied to our HPO and/or HLO, your client can save quite a sum over time.

Healthy Lifestyle Discounts - how your clients can be rewarded

#The 20% HPO discount has additional assessment requirements (QuickChek and MBA blood test) and will not be automatically applied.

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