Annual Reports

In this section, you will find the latest Annual Report for Asteron's superannuation investment products.



Optimum PST cover         2014 Optimum Annual Report

Optimum cover 2014 Connelly Temple and Optimum PST

Asteron Longevity Income Stream

2014 Asteron Longevity Income Stream                            


Connelly Temple, Workforce & other products

2014 Connelly Temple Public Superannuation

2014 Asteron Life Superannuation

2014 Tyndall Superannuation

2014 Asteron Life Investment Report


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Asteron Life™ is committed to providing customers with long term financial security. We provide life insurance products including Income Protection Covers, Trauma Cover, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover, Life Cover and Business Expenses Cover. We are committed to helping customers get - and stay - healthy for life, by giving customers access to the Asteron Life Wellbeing Program. To obtain a copy of our privacy statement, please contact us on 1800 221 727 or visit the following website to view or download the policy.