Summary of enhancements made to Asteron Lifeguard 2008 to 2011

We regularly review our products in an effort to ensure they continue to meet the financial challenges which may occur as a result of sickness or injury. We have an obligation to notify our customers when upgrades and changes are made to our products.

Over the past three years we have made some enhancements to our product range however these enhancements were not communicated at the time of the upgrade.

We have automatically upgraded your policy to reflect the enhancements we have made. This aims to ensure that your policy remains at the leading edge of insurance and gives you and your family even better value protection at no extra cost.

Automatic enhancements

You will not need to undergo any further medical assessments to benefit from the automatic enhancements.

Claims for these enhancements will be considered from the effective date of upgrade. For more information, please click on the product type/s below.

Optional enhancements

Some optional benefits have also been improved. Any optional benefits that you already have will also be upgraded from the effective date of upgrade.

We understand that, over time, your needs may change so we have also created some new 'optional benefits' that you may be eligible to have added to your policy. Adding some or all of these options to your policy may result in an increased premium and may also require additional underwriting. We can work with you and your adviser to explain these.

Further information

Just click on the product type/s below for more detailed information on the enhancements.

If you have any queries, or if you believe you are now entitled to claim against your policy as a result of the product upgrade information please contact your financial adviser or call Asteron Life Customer Service on 1800 221 727.




Income protection

Business Expenses

Asteron Life™ is committed to providing customers with long term financial security. We provide life insurance products including Income Protection Covers, Trauma Cover, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover, Life Cover and Business Expenses Cover. To obtain a copy of our privacy statement, please contact us on 1800 221 727 or visit the following website to view or download the policy.

Suncorp supports and adheres to the Life Insurance Code of Practice (Code). The Code has been developed voluntarily by the Life Insurance industry through the Financial Services Council to promote high standards of service to consumers, provide a benchmark of consistency within the industry, and establish a framework for professional behaviour and responsibilities. Download the Code here. For more information contact the Financial Services Council on (02) 9299 3022 (local call cost), email or visit