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Asteron unveils new weapon to fight Obesity Epidemic and improve Health overall


In a revolutionary move to address the health of Australians, life insurer Asteron has declared war on the country’s obesity epidemic.

Using a new state-of-the-art online customer wellbeing program complete with tools such as tailored nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plans – Asteron will provide the opportunity of rewarding those who tackle preventable lifestyle-related health issues such as obesity with a reduction in the cost of insurance.

General Manager Asteron Jordan Hawke said, “Our vision is to not only make life insurance accessible and more easily understood by customers, but also to provide better incentives to become healthier and to stay healthy.

“By starting the conversation about their health and how they can improve it – through partnering with us – Asteron is making the benefits of life insurance about more than just a policy.”

Currently, a customer’s health, which determines their premiums, is assessed once, at the time the policy is taken out. Traditional insurers then just take the premium and wait for the claim.

In a shift in that paradigm, Asteron invites customers to be reassessed following time on its wellness program who could then potentially see their premiums fall, through reduction of premium loadings, if they can demonstrate sustained health improvement.

Asteron believes life insurers are ideally placed to work with their customers to improve their health outcomes because it sees first hand the affects of obesity related-illnesses like:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • stroke
  • type 2 diabetes

“Asteron recognises that we have a real opportunity to make a difference to the lives of Australians so we are shifting the focus from life insurance being a purely transactional arrangement with customers, to becoming partners in their future good health,” Mr Hawke said.

Asteron is serious about its role to ensure its customers and potential customers are healthier, happier people – partnering with them to given them the confidence to seize life’s possibilities.

Asteron’s ground-breaking approach to life insurance in Australia makes life insurance more relevant to today’s consumer and provides a financial incentive for better health.

For more information, or to interview Jordan Hawke, contact:

Sarah Hegarty 02 8275 3811 or 0410 652 517


Shaun Rigby: 07 3251 8140 or 0438 021 936

Click here to download a copy of the White paper:"Asteron Life! - Changing the face of life insurance"

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