Top workout ideas for busy parents

Is it possible to incorporate children into your exercise regime?

Finding the time to train whilst being a busy parent can seem an almost impossible task. But with a little bit of pre-planning, it can be done! If you are struggling to get your workout in every day, here are a few activities you can do to get the blood pumping and get your kids involved too!

1. Park training

The park is the perfect place to train with your kids, and the options and types of training are endless. For a fun and super easy training session, you can’t go past  a good old running session. Depending on how old the kids are, you could do some gentle jogging or an intense sprint session. Challenge your kids to catch you on the sprint and vice versa, and make it a fun, competitive game for them! Something along the lines of 10x50m sprints will be plenty to get your heart rate elevated and tire out the kids. 

2. Beach training

Remember little nippers? Well it’s time to revisit your childhood! The beach provides perfect opportunities for an array of exercises that are sure to make you sweat.   

  • Ball sprints – Put a ball 20m away from a start line and lie down facing away from the ball on the start line. On go, jump up, sprint to the ball, grab it and sprint back to where you started. A great game to play with kids while giving you a workout!
  • Long jump – Have a long jump competition in the sand and see who can jump the furthest. Don’t forget to bring something to measure the distance with! 
  • Stuck in the mud - one person is ‘it’, and must try to tap the others. Once tapped you are ‘stuck in the mud’ and must stand with your feet wide apart. To become unstuck, another person must crawl through your legs. This is a great activity to play with a big group!
  • Flags - bring a bunch of colourful hankies to the beach and tuck them into your pants. Each person has to grab other peoples ‘flags’. Once gone, you are out. The last person left standing wins!

These games are great fun for your kids and will give you a great workout, with the added element of sand making them extra challenging. Cool off with a dip in the ocean once you are done!

3. Pram jogs

This is one of the easiest ways to keep in shape if you have younger kids. Pushing a pram along whilst jogging is a great cardio workout. If jogging is too difficult, you could always power walk instead.  There are some amazing walking tracks  out there just waiting to be explored! 

4. Park gym

Many parks now feature great gym equipment, ideal for an outdoor workout.. Bring some games and a picnic to keep your kids entertained while you spend some time on the gym area doing your session! The kids can be close by and you can keep an eye on them while you workout. An even better idea is to get a workout buddy so you can take turns watching the kids while the other works out. 

Hopefully you can try the above activities so you can keep fit and healthy while still getting to spend time with your kids! 

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Elle Welsman

Elle owns Sydney's first women's CrossFit gym, CrossFit Tone in Brookvale. She has a passion for helping women realise how fit and healthy they can be through strength and high intensity training. Having a keen interest in positive body image, Elle pushes women to be self confident through her training systems. Click here to learn more about Elle Welsman and her outlook and approach!