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How wearable technology is changing the way you workout

Wearable technology is revolutionising the way we exercise. The increasing popularity of wearable technology means that everyone, from pro athlete to amateur, can analyse their workout and track their progress throughout the day, week, month and year. These tricky little devices carry a long list of benefits, providing us with more opportunities to improve our health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Below are a few of the many benefits of incorporating wearable technology into your workout. 

Improves form

It’s easy from time to time to allow yourself to slack off during a workout. Whether it be lack of energy, motivation, or a combination of the two, there are bound to be times when you can’t seem to give it 100per cent. Fitness trackers can monitor heart rate and distance covered, along with a number of other useful forms of data which enable you to review your performance post-workout. This encourages you to work consistently harder, as you’re more likely to want to improve with each workout. No more lazy days! 

Encourages better focus 

With the distractions of work, family and the many other responsibilities of life, some of us can find it difficult block out the distractions and focus all our attention on the workout at hand. Wearable technology devices help us to maintain concentration, as we are motivated by the fact that there will be performance data waiting for us at the end. This is particularly true of those of us who are highly results-driven, as eliminating distractions is more likely to results in better performance! 

Acts as a personal coach 

Not all of us are in the position to be calling on the expertise of a fitness coach or personal trainer. With the data collected from wearable fitness trackers, you can monitor your own progress and use it to guide future workouts. They may not provide the same verbal guidance, but they will reveal the same results and even suggest ways to build on your workout. 

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