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Asteron Life Complete Life Cover

Asteron Life Complete is our comprehensive suite of life insurance products that can be tailored to suit your needs – allowing you and your family to get more out of every day.

Asteron Life Complete Life Cover provides you with affordable and comprehensive life insurance cover, with lots of features and benefits that give you more at claim time:

  • Cover when and where you need it - 24 hour worldwide cover.
  • Cover for the whole family - $10,000 of Child Cover Premium-free for each of your kids in the event of their serious illness or injury.
  • Cover that keeps up with your ever-changing needs - you can increase your cover without further medical checks if your situation changes (for example if you have a child or take out a mortgage).
  • Support when you need it most - access to grief support counselling and an up-front payment to help cover funeral expenses.

Asteron Life also offers a range of optional extras to help you top up your cover or make it more affordable.

$10,000 Premium Free Child Cover

You can also top up your $10,000 Premium-free Child Cover for just $1 per month for every additional $10,000 of Child Cover - making it an affordable way to cover the whole family. 

Premium discounts for healthy lives

We understand that healthy clients are less likely to claim on life cover policies. That's why we've developed a set of discounts to reward low-risk clients with significant premium discounts – based on satisfying a set of health and risk criteria.

Healthy life option (HLO)

Applying for the HLO discount is as easy as selecting the option on the quote and completing the additional questions in the application form. No additional blood tests or Quickchecks are required.

On acceptance, a 10% discount will be applied immediately and will be guaranteed for the life of the policy. This is the quickest and easiest way to reward your low-risk clients with a reduced premium.

Healthy plus option (HPO)

Our Healthy Plus Option allows you to get a discount up to 20% on your Life Cover premiums if you meet certain health and lifestyle criteria. What’s more, clients have the option to retain the 20% discount by refreshing their qualification tests and assessment every year.

If a client chooses not to re-submit to testing annually, their 20% discount will reduce by 1% each year. Once the discount reaches 10% we guarantee that 10% discount for the life of the policy.

Your client may apply to have the original discount reinstated at any time up to the policy anniversary when they are 55 next birthday. This is done by re-doing the blood tests and Quickcheck and re-applying. As long as they still meet the qualification criteria, their discount will be reinstated to 20% with the same 1% annual reduction for subsequent years. As subsequent tests to retain the full discount are at the client’s discretion, these will be at the client’s expense.

Clients will be advised each year on their renewal notice regarding the status of their discount so they will know what level of reduction they have.

When assessing the eligibility to receive either of these discount options, our underwriters will take the following into consideration:

  • Age – your client has to fall within the above age limits
  • Smoking status – your client must not have smoked in the past five years
  • Medical history and diagnostics such as weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol etc
  • Lifestyle and occupational hazards
  • Family history, and
  • Driving record.

Of course, with such substantial premium reductions, the qualification assessment must be thorough to maintain the integrity of the discount. Not all clients will qualify, but in the right situation the discount potential is significant.

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