Complete or customised: The choice is yours

Asteron Life Complete (ALC) has earned a reputation as one of the most comprehensive life insurance offers in the market. Our products have the flexibility and coverage you need to provide your clients with relevant and effective cover – whether structured inside or outside of super, or a combination of both.

Life Cover
Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover
Trauma Cover
Income Protection Cover
Business Expenses Cover
Child Cover

Flexibility and control

Asteron Life Complete’s stand-out features enable you to offer greater choice to your clients and provide more certainty for your business.

  • Premium rate guarantee
    For ALC policies commenced after the introduction of the LIF changes, Asteron Life guarantees not to increase premiums during the initial two-year compulsory clawback period. Premium increases for age on Stepped premiums, and CPI increases, will apply as normal. 
  • Customised rates
    Asteron Life allows you to dial up your new business commission from 0% in 2% increments – through over 500 combinations – to a maximum of 88% initial commission. The model is fully flexible, so you can alter the mix of your initial and ongoing commission independently of each other.
  • 15% discount for wholesale
    Your new clients can receive a special premium discount of 15% for the first year of their policy if you use our ‘No commission’ wholesale rate. This is in addition to the 25% premium reduction that already applies for not charging commission.
  • New commission structure.
    Asteron Life offers 3 different commission options to give you greater choice and flexibility when it comes to pricing advice.
    3 Commission Structures
    • Level
    • Hybrid/Customised
    • Wholesale

Meeting your clients' needs

Backed by Asteron Life's unparalleled service delivery, you can be confident in recommending Asteron Life Complete to your clients.

  • Premium payment flexibility
    We know our customers generally prefer to pay annually for life insurance via their super fund, and monthly for stand-alone policies. You can help your clients select which combination of payment frequencies will work best for them.
  • 15% premium discount for rollovers
    All new ALC policies funded via partial rollover from your client’s super fund (using the ‘Pay By Any Super Fund’ payment method) will receive a 15% upfront discount to the Year 1 premium.
  • Split ownership options
    You can split the ownership on new Income Protection and Split TPD cover over two separate policies – one held inside super and one held outside super. This can improve affordability and flexibility for your clients, as well as provide opportunities to apply for IP benefits not available within superannuation.
  • Mixed premium options
    You can choose to split your clients’ premiums by applying for any mix of stepped or level rates. We allow both premium types to be issued, in any combination, on one policy.
  • Flexible Income Protection benefits
    While ALC’s Income Protection Plus Cover provides comprehensive protection, clients may prefer to choose the benefits they want and add them to our standard Income Protection Cover (for an additional cost). Options include:
  • Specified Injury, which pays the Totally Disabled Benefit for a set period if you suffer one of a list of specified injuries.
  • Crisis Benefit, which pays the Totally Disabled Benefit for up to 6 months if you suffer a specified medical event (eg. cancer, heart attack, major head trauma).
  • Extras Package Option, which includes a range of benefits such as Overseas Assist, Family Assist and Unemployment Benefit.
  • Booster Option, which for a specified period pays an additional 1/3 of either the monthly benefit or Crisis Benefit (if selected and the client is eligible to claim).
  • Increasing Claims Option, which increases the Totally Disabled Benefit by the indexation factor at each anniversary of the commencement date while you’re receiving monthly benefit payments.

For more information please contact your Asteron Life BDM, call our dedicated sales team on 1800 739 641, or visit our Adviser website.

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Important note

This information is current as at January 2016 but is subject to change. It is provided as a brief overview and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on the information, all persons should consider the appropriateness of this advice having regard to their own objectives, financial situation and needs. Insurance cover referred to in this document form part of the Asteron Life Complete product. Persons should obtain, read and consider the Asteron Life Complete Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or contact 1800 221 727 or speak to their financial adviser, before making a decision whether to acquire or continue to hold a product.