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Optimum Corporate Super

Choice and flexibility for employers and their employees

The ready-made, cost effective way to provide superannuation to employees.

Key benefits

  • A complete super solution designed for larger companies
  • Flexible design for contributions, insurance cover and investment strategies
  • Accepts all types of contributions including Superannuation Guarantee, employer voluntary, salary sacrifice, personal and spouse contributions, as well as Government co-contributions
  • Online access to information for employers and employees
  • Over 50 investments from a range of quality investment managers
  • Ability for employees to choose investment options, make contributions and level of insurance cover
  • Ability for employees to split contributions with their spouse
  • Family members of employees can establish linked accounts.

Insurance inside Optimum

To see what insurance premiums are offered for different occupations, download the following insurance guide:

DownloadOptimum Insurance Premiums and Occupational Ratings Guide

(File Size 417 KB)

Complete listing of Optimum Corporate Super and Optimum Personal Super insurance premium rates and occupational ratings. Includes uninsurable occupations and occupations that require individual consideration

You can also download:

DownloadThe Policy Committee Guide

(File Size 918 KB)

Outlining the roles and responsibilities of Policy Committee members and providing guidelines on how to operate a Policy Committee meeting

Asteron has been part of the Suncorp Group since 2007.

Today, our flagship super offer is Suncorp WealthSmart™, and the Asteron superannuation products have been closed to new members.

If your client has an existing Optimum account, they can still enjoy all the benefits of Optimum. And there is no change to the way they administer their account.

For further information, please contact our customer service team on 1800 819 499.

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