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Step inside your super

When you joined your super fund, you probably had a choice of investment options. Generally speaking, your investment options fit into the following categories:

  • Conservative (sometimes called Defensive)
  • Balanced
  • Growth
  • High growth (sometimes called Aggressive)

Each category will perform differently in different market conditions. And while no one can predict what markets will do at any particular time, there is a general trend you can follow:

The higher the level of risk you take on, the higher your potential returns.

Do you know what investment option(s) you’re in?

Your super statement will detail your investment option(s). If you haven’t made a choice yourself, you may be in the default option chosen by your employer or by the fund’s Trustee.

For more information about the investment options available to you, call Asteron Client Services on 1800 819 499.

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