Superannuation risk profiler

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Check your total score to get an idea of your investment risk profile for super.

8-14 points

You may fit the profile of a ‘conservative’ investor:

The short-term security of your super is important to you, and you prefer conservative investments that provide relatively consistent returns. It doesn't bother you that this could mean significantly lower returns over the long term.

15-18 points

You may fit the profile of a ‘moderately conservative’ investor:

You don't necessarily like taking risks with your super, but you recognise you may need to include some growth assets in your portfolio to achieve the long-term growth you'll need for retirement.

19-23 points

You may fit the profile of a ‘balanced’ investor:

You're prepared to take some risks with your super, knowing the greater potential returns of growth assets will help you meet your long-term savings goals. You would feel comfortable with a mixture of growth and defensive assets.

24-27 points

You may fit the profile of a ‘growth’ investor:

You're happy to take some risks with your super, because you know it will give you greater potential long-term growth. You would feel comfortable with a significant portion of growth assets in your portfolio.

28-32 points

You may fit the profile of a ‘high growth’ investor:

You want to maximise the potential long-term growth from your super by investing mainly in growth assets. You're happy to tolerate short-term volatility along the way.

Like any investment, it's the end result that counts with your super. So every decision should be made with your retirement goals in mind.

Your financial adviser can help you calculate how much super you need at retirement. And help you choose the most appropriate investment option(s) to help you get there.

Remember that your investment profile might be different for investments you make outside superannuation. Again, you should consult your adviser.

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