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Combine Your Super

Multiple super accounts may mean you're paying multiple fees,
over time this can really add up!

Three great reasons why you should combine your super

  • Stop paying multiple fees
  • Less paperwork, less hassle
  • More money in retirement
Jackie's Story

Jackie is 32 years old and has 5 super accounts. If she combined those super accounts into one, she could have an extra $31,421 by the time she retires.

Your old super funds can be easily transferred into your super account with Asteron Life. It only takes a few minutes, here's what to do...

Choose one of the options below

Step 1. Have the following information handy

  • The name of your other fund provider(s)
  • Your other fund(s) member or account number

Step 2. Click 'Get started' to fill in the online form

Step 3. Let us sort it out!

Get started

Or if you need help, call 1800 819 499

Visit our lost super page so we can search for all of your super funds and let you know

Combine your super offline

You can also meet with an adviser to discuss combining your super.
If you would like to use a printed form instead of the online form you can find the Rollover (Combine Your Super) forms here.
If we don't have your Tax File Number (TFN) already on file, we might need to ask you for further details or proof of identity.

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