Simplify Your Super

Simplify your Super

If you’ve had a few jobs, you’ve probably got a few different super funds. One of the easiest ways to simplify your finances, and potentially boost the amount of money you’ll have when you retire, is to consolidate (also called ‘to rollover’) multiple super funds into one.

More money for your retirement…

John is 35 and has total super of $30,000 spread across five funds, each with a balance of $6,000. Suzie, also age 35, has consolidated into one super fund and has a balance of $30,000. They both pay an annual administration fee of $100 per fund.
On retirement at age 65, Suzie would have an extra $21,931**, just because she took the time to consolidate. That’s enough for a new car or a European holiday!

How to consolidate your super

Consolidating (or ‘rolling over’) other funds into your Asteron super account is easy, since we do most of the work for you. And with our online rollover wizard, it only takes a few minutes to fill in the form, depending on how many funds you’re rolling over.

You have two options:

Download and print a super rollover form. You’ll then need to complete the form, provide proof of your identity (ID), and post the form and ID back to us. We’ll then contact your old super fund(s) and arrange the rollover. Fill in the super rollover form online, before printing it, providing proof of your ID and posting your form and ID back to us. To do this, go to our online super rollover wizard.

Launch Rollover wizard

Whichever option you choose, you MUST provide certified proof of your identity. It’s easy to do, and we can’t process your request without it.

Why use the online super rollover tool?

It helps you find details of your old super funds, such as fund names and addresses You can fill in part of the form, then save it and come back later to finish it If you’re rolling over multiple funds into Asteron Super account, the rollover tool makes it easier to fill out multiple versions of the form.

Don't forget!

Before sending everything off to us, make sure you’ve:

  • Filled in all relevant sections of the form
  • Signed and dated it
  • Attached a certified copy of your ID document
  • Filled out a separate form and separate set of certified documents for each super fund you’re rolling over to your Asteron Super account.

Where to send your form(s) and certified ID:

Asteron Client Services
Reply Paid 1576
Sydney NSW 2001


** Assumptions: Each super fund earns a rate of return (ie before earnings tax but after administration fees) of 7.95% p.a. The administration fee is applied at the beginning of the financial year, and is $100 per annum per fund. Earnings are calculated at the end of the financial year. Retirement is at age 65. Figures are expressed in today’s dollars

Important information
Before moving your super you should consider the effect it may have on any insurance cover within your super, and other possible implications such as termination penalties, investment and tax issues.
This information is issued by Suncorp Portfolio Services Limited ABN 61 063 427 958 AFSL No 237905 (SPSL) and is current as at 1 March 2011. It is provided as a brief overview only and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information, all persons should consider its appropriateness having regard to their own objectives, financial situation and needs. Persons should obtain, read and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold any product.

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