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All parts of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) should be read together.

Product Updates

Company structure change/Two life businesses into one

As of 7 January 2011 the Suncorp Group of companies moved to a new non-operating holding company structure (NOHC). The new NOHC is Suncorp Group Limited.  As of 1 January 2012, the issuer of your insurance policy will change from Asteron Life Limited to Suncorp Life & Superannuation Limited when the life insurance business of Asteron is transferred into Suncorp Life & Superannuation Limited. The issuer of these Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs) remains a member of the Suncorp Group of companies. There are no changes to the terms and conditions of these PDS’s.


Product Update issued 18 February 2015

 Optimum Product Update

 Asteron Longevity Income Stream


Product Update issued 1 December 2014

 Optimum Product Update

 Optimum PST and Professional Product Update


Product Update issued 1 July 2014

 Asteron Product Update


Product Updates issued 31 December 2013

 Asteron Fee Label Product Update

 CT Workforce Product Update

 Optimum Personal Super Product Update

 Workforce (Personal division) Product Update


Important Information issued 11 December 2014

 Workforce Superannuation Important Information


Optimum Corporate Super - MEMBER


Optimum Corporate Super PDS

Optimum Corporate Super Product Guide

Understanding Investment Risk

Optimum Insurance Premiums and Occupational Ratings Guide

Optimum Corporate Super for Standard Pacific- Member and Employer


Optimum Corporate Super for Standard Pacific PDS

Optimum Corporate Super for Standard Pacific Product Guide

Understanding Investment Risk

Optimum Insurance Premiums and Occupational Ratings Guide

Connelly Temple & Workforce - MEMBER


Connelly Temple Employer Super Plan PDS

Connelly Temple Employer Super Plan Product Guide

Connelly Temple Super Savings Plan PDS

Connelly Temple Super Savings Plan Product Guide

Partnership Superannuation Plan PDS

Partnership Superannuation Plan Product Guide

Workforce Superannuation PDS

Workforce Superannuation Product Guide

Understanding Investment Risk

Connelly Temple Insurance Guide


Financial Services Guide

Financial Services Guide

Suncorp Portfolio Services Limited ABN 61 063 427 958 is the Trustee and issuer. Please read the PDS carefully before deciding to invest. Suncorp Portfolio Services Limited does not guarantee the repayment of capital or the performance of these products. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. These pages are provided for information only and do not take into account your financial situation, objectives or needs.

Asteron Life™ is committed to providing customers with long term financial security. We provide life insurance products including Income Protection Covers, Trauma Cover, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover, Life Cover and Business Expenses Cover. We are committed to helping customers get - and stay - healthy for life, by giving customers access to the Asteron Life Wellbeing Program. To obtain a copy of our privacy statement, please contact us on 1800 221 727 or visit the following website to view or download the policy.