Unit Prices, investment profiles and underlying disclosure documents

Morningstar optionsDateEntry PriceExit PriceProfileUnderlying disclosure document*Product Dashboard
Morningstar Australian Bonds Fund03 Dec 20162.37222.3722
Morningstar Australian Property Securities Fund03 Dec 20164.46544.4654
Morningstar Australian Shares Fund03 Dec 20165.91415.9141
Morningstar Cash Fund03 Dec 20162.46802.4680
Morningstar Conservative Fund03 Dec 20162.63312.6331
Morningstar Conservative Real Return Fund03 Dec 20163.24103.2410
Morningstar Growth Fund03 Dec 20163.89133.8913
Morningstar International Shares (Unhedged) Fund03 Dec 20162.77292.7729
Connelly Temple OptionsDateEntry PriceExit PriceProfileUnderlying disclosure document*Product Dashboard
Connelly Temple Australian Cash03 Dec 20161.75361.7536
Connelly Temple Australian Fixed Interest03 Dec 20161.32511.3251
Connelly Temple Australian Property03 Dec 20161.80191.8019
Connelly Temple Australian Shares03 Dec 20164.26314.2631
Connelly Temple Capital Stable03 Dec 20163.06563.0656
Connelly Temple Conservative03 Dec 20163.35863.3586
Connelly Temple Growth03 Dec 20165.27645.2764
Connelly Temple International Shares03 Dec 20161.98541.9854

Underlying disclosure documents

Investment OptionPDS
BT Wholesale International Share Fund
Colonial First State Wholesale Conservative Fund
Colonial First State Wholesale Diversified Fund
Colonial First State Wholesale Imputation Fund
Colonial First State Wholesale Property Securities Fund
INVESCO Protected
Macquarie Australian Fixed Interest Fund
Perpetual Wholesale Balanced Growth Fund
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial Fund

Important Information

* This does not apply to investment options that do not include accessible financial products or to closed investment options.

**As you may know, recent changes to conditions within financial markets have resulted in some investment funds amending their withdrawal rules, with some suspending withdrawals, and others amending the frequency with which they will pay redemptions.

This investment option has had its redemptions suspended by its fund manager, and following this has been closed to new money by the Trustee.

This means that no further contributions, rollovers or switches can be made into those options and regrettably we can only process the portion of any withdrawal requests that relate to investment options other (non-suspended) investment options.

As soon as we can begin processing transaction requests again on the above investment options we’ll let affected customers know.

The unit price of the above investment options as presently calculated should not be taken into account when calculating the redemption value of your interest in the fund as this unit price may not be the one we eventually apply to your interest when redemptions become available again, and you make a redemption request.

If you have any questions about this, please Contact Us.

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